Formentera Sea Water (3 liter box)


Buy Formentera Sea Water, original, with sanitary certificate, specially indicated for cooking, nasal and ocular cleansing, enemas, dermal applications and isotonic drinks. 100% natural. On-line purchase and sale.


Sale of Formentera Sea Water, original, with sanitary certificate, especially indicated for cooking, nasal and ocular cleansing, enemas, dermal applications and isotonic drinks. 100% natural. 3 liter bag in a box. Shipping in 24-48 hours. Buy now!


The extraction of Formentera Agua de Mar is carried out in the open sea within the first nautical mile, in areas where the minimum depth varies between 40 and 100 meters and whose catch is between 15 and 25 meters deep; looking for rocky bottoms, out of bays, ports, beaches, and in general out of inhabited areas where there could be any human activity that could pose a risk to the quality of seawater.

For nursery and similar uses, seawater can be collected at different mobile points, all of them far away from urbanized areas, wastewater treatment plants, desalination plants and in general from any human activity that may pose a risk to the quality of seawater.


We use different stages to reach the optimum filtration for its use for human consumption.

We carry out an initial pre-filtering at the intake to avoid solid particles in suspension. Then we proceed to three different stages of filtration and sterilization, finishing the latter with a microfiltration of 0.20 microns for use in cooking and the like and an ultrafiltration for direct consumption and the like.


We are committed to the quality of our product, that is why we carry out numerous quality analyses of both the extraction area and the final product.

These analysis have different parameters, following the guidelines of Royal Decree 140/2013 and Royal Decree 1799/2010 which regulate the process of elaboration and marketing of packaged seawater for human consumption.

The maximum recommended dose per person per day is 50 ml in ultra-filtered seawater (except in certain cases, please ask your healthcare provider).


  • High density Bag In Box (box + bag), with sanitary certificate.
  • 3 liters. 100% natural product.
  • Micro-filtered, a larger amount is needed to absorb the same proportion of minerals than ultra-filtered.
  • Offshore extraction (not captured in the VORTEX), obtaining seawater with a high stability in its chemical composition.
  • Because of its packaging, extraction point and filtering system, microfiltered seawater from Ibiza and Formentera makes it the best seawater on the market for large consumers.


Cooking, nasal and eye cleansing, enemas, dermal applications, isotonic drinks, etc.

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    Fantástica para hacerme sueros alcalinos.

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    Producto remineralizante esencial para el cuerpo.

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    Utilizo este agua de mar para alcalinizar mi agua. Bebo a diario la mezcla, y me encanta. El envase hace que sea cómodo y utiliza poco plástico. La he comprado varias veces y me encanta.

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    Agua de mar que uso desde hace dos años. Siempre satisfecho.

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    El mejor energizante matutino, el envase es muy practico y sale rentable…posiblemente lo compre mas adelante en envase de vidrio, para minimizar el plástico, un producto de 10 *

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